Parking Lots

Pershing Parking Lot

Hourly Metered Lot

Elks Parking Lot

Hourly Metered and Permit Lot

Library Parking Lot

Hourly Metered Lot Front and Back

West Scribner Ave Parking Lot

Free Parking Lot

City Hall Parking Lot

Free Parking after 4PM/Metered Parking along Bottom Side

Tickets and Violations

Penalties for Unmetered Violation

If paid within 24 hours - $5
If paid within 48 - 72 hours - $10
Unpaid after 72 hours - Citation issues and $15 and costs will be added to the fine set forth on the ticket, upon conviction

Paying Tickets

Tickets can be paid at the DuBois City Police Department
16 W Scribner Avenue
DuBois, PA 15801

Parking Permits

Parking Permits can be purchased at the front window at the Municipal Building.

Elks Lot

20 W. Washington Avenue

$30 — Monthly

$270 — Annually

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