Code Enforcement

The City of DuBois Code Enforcement Department handles permitting, enforcement, zoning and inspections, as well as dealing with other City matters and tasks.

To access the City's permit applications, go to Pennsafe.

Code Enforcement Officer

Zac Lawhead

Code Enforcement/ Zoning Officer

814-371-2000 Ext. 206

Code Violations

The City of DuBois Department of Code Enforcement would like to explain to its residents some of the most common Code Violations that we see on a regular basis in an effort to prevent them from happening.

Violators of City ordinances will be ticketed — Similar to parking tickets, Ordinance Violations start at $25.00 and go up per day.

We are not handing out warnings about Code Violations. Landlords need to pass this information onto tenants

High Grass and Weeds — grass and weeds must be kept under six inches (6") in height.

Inoperative vehicles — vehicles that are not legally able to be driven - unlicensed, inoperative, expired inspection, wrecked vehicles, partially dismantled, vehicles undergoing major repairs.

Unsanitary conditions — garbage piled up. This would also include debris in yards and around your property including but not limited to stuffed furniture, mattresses, animal waste, piles of brush.

Condition of Sidewalks — If your property has a sidewalk on it, it must be maintained.

Not having the proper permits — Sidewalks - new or replacement, driveway - new or replacement, building permits for sheds, additions, replacement of porches and porch roofs, new additions or replacement of them.

Please contact the Department of Code Enforcement if you have questions regarding permits or any other violations.

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