DuBois Community Days Booth Registration

Regulations and Information for Requesting a Booth

Only non-profit organizations as defined by DuBois Community Days guidelines (not just because you have a non-profit status) can have any type of booth that generate income for the group. Food booths or trailers must be maned by the members of the group, not the owners of the trailer (if separate from the group.) Corporate booths must pay a minimum $500 level sponsorship or more to have a booth. See the Sponsorship section on the website for options and to purchase. Corporate booths can not sell anything directly to the customer at the event, but can provide information on your services. All booths (other than food) are encouraged to give away free tokens, or have free drawings for prizes, or provide fun activities for kids and family. Community Days has many booths and activities - you should try to do something interesting to attract more traffic to your booth.

Raffle Tickets (Unless for a FREE Drawing) are NOT permitted in any booth!!

You may want to bring lights for Friday & Saturday evening.


If you are a $500 sponsor or more, there is no charge for electric.

If you are a non-profit organization, and you need electric, the charge will $20 for every 100 sq feet of booth area.


Just your grass lot. You must provide everything else. Someone must man your exhibit at all times. All lots have electricity available. Bring your own 50'-100' grounded extension cords.


Security will be provided Friday night, but we recommend that you leave nothing of value at your lot overnight. DuBois Community Days, DuBois Fire Department and/or the City of DuBois are not responsible for lost, missing or stolen items.


Loading and unloading will be done from a closed lane of Liberty Blvd. This lane is for loading and unloading only. No parking is permitted. Parking is available in the City Park and areas around the city park.


Restroom facilities are available in the park.


The City of DuBois and the DuBois Volunteer Fire Department and its subsidiaries are not liable for theft or injury. We reserve the right to refuse registration and participation to anyone. We reserve the right to forbid the exhibit or sale of items deemed not conducive to the environment of the festival, or items that are being sold under other contract. Furthermore, we reserve the right to eject anyone not conforming to proper public behavior.

The DuBois Volunteer Fire Department reserves the right to accept or reject any application for inclusion in DuBois Community Days or the DuBois Firemen's Parade. All decisions of the Committee are final. Failure to follow the rules below could result in your being asked to leave the event.

Booth Vendor Rules:

  1. Non-Profit Organizations & Sponsors ONLY!
  2. Non-Profit Organizations must be from within the DuBois are to have a booth.
  3. The labor (workers) in a food booth/trailer must all be affiliated with members of the Non-Profit Organization.
  4. Food Trailers owned by for-profit companies may not be used by non-profit organizations unless the trailer has been donated, commission free, to the non-profit for use. All profits obtained from the sale of items must remain with the non-profit organization. The name of the for-profit vendor must be covered up and not promoted in the booth, unless the vendor is also a sponsor of Community Days.
  5. If you are a vendor, your registration must be returned and items listed must be approved by Community Days by April 23, 2023. We try very hard to not duplicate specialty items. All forms must be returned by April 23, 2023, or your organization will risk exclusion from Community Days depending on space availability.
  6. Non-Profits MUST be specific about all items for sale in their booths. If a Non-Profit is selling food items from an area restaurant that is not a sponsor of Community days, the companies name and logo MUST be covered up, their name cannot be promoted at your booth, and their name will not be listed in your menu in the program book. No exceptions! I.E. Your booth sells XYZ Pizza, XYZ Pizza must be a sponsor of Community Days.
  7. All Non-Profits must make arrangements with the Parade Committee to support Community Days with some non-financial contribution beyond having your booth, I.E. Volunteer to pick up garbage in the park, carry banners in the parade.
  8. No Selling - Chances, Tickets, Lottery Tickets, Memorials, etc. No solicitation of the public walking by, or hard sell tactics of those who request info at your booth.
  9. Absolutely NO petitions of any kind seeking signature are permitted at any Community Days booths, in the park or in the parade.
  10. No political agendas may be presented or promoted in the park or parade.
  11. Due to the fact that Community Days has grown so large, no additional space will be granted to organizations and companies that have had booths in the previous year (we have on record the size of all booths from last year). All n new organizations and companies MUST be specific on the width and length of their booth (we ask that you be considerate of others and only ask for the space you will need).
  12. Food Trailers - Trailers along the food line will be scheduled for drop off and setup. We will contact the Non-Profit with a day and time that drop off and setup can take place. We have run into problems in recent years with spacing, so the trailer must arrive as scheduled by the Community Days Chairmen. No part of your trailer may overhang into another booth's assigned area. The entire trailer, including hitch window and customer lineup area, must fit within your designated area. Take the trailer hitch in to consideration when requesting your lot size. All trailers, tents and booth contents should be removed by Sunday at 5PM. any spots with items remaining in the park after the deadline will be reevaluated for admission for the following year.
  13. Absolutely NO DRIVING VEHICLES in the park without special permission from a Community Days Chairman! All vendors must unload from the Boulevard or Parking Areas.

Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact:

Joe Mitchell



Booth Registration

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